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About Me

Are you managing your business content and social media on your own, leaving you with little time to run your business?

I can help!

A deep rooted passion, writing for me is as much a pleasure as it is business.

About Me

A deep rooted passion, writing for me is as much a pleasure as it is business. Its been a long-harbored dream of mine to write a book someday. Even as a child, I ‘d dream up scenarios, standing on a podium, giving a thank you speech for the overwhelming response my book has received!
 While I am in the process of realizing my dream, I have been working on other things too.  I have written for several English Dailies including Deccan Herald and The Hindu, covering a range of subjects from homes and interiors, lifestyle to education. ‘Words for your thoughts’ is another extension to my love for the written word.
While I have been busy with my family, work and life, there have been many instances when my family or friends have approached me with their problems or when they find life’s pressures getting to them. I consider myself fortunate that they can trust me and share their feelings.
I felt I had the potential to reach out to more people and help them through their difficult times. I equipped myself with a Diploma in Counselling and to back it up, I’ll soon hold a Master’s Degree in Psychology. I have started my Counselling career and nothing gives me more satisfaction than helping and making a difference in the lives of those who approach me.

 I hold a Master’s degree in English Literature from Mumbai University and I have studied journalism from Xavier’s institute of Communications, Mumbai. I am inspired by everyday life, incidents small and big; and love to pen poetry when the poet’s mood takes over my senses. My life’s passions are my two daughters, my husband, family, books, music, writing, nature and travelling, not necessarily in that order.

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