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Keep them safe,please!

Another suicide…a beautiful life gone! A life that hadn’t even bloomed to full adulthood, still unsure and tentative about things around her. Every few days we hear about a student committing suicide reasons that may seem inane to us mean the world to them- love issues, problems coping up with studies, cyber bullying, peer pressure…and...

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Pop the bitter corn

I saw her tucking her homemade roll in what looked like a kerchief, sandwiched between a book and her spectacles’ case. Looking around stealthily and finding no curious onlooker, she pushed it in her purse, disguised and supposedly safe from the hostile scrutiny of the security person. Most times we get away with just a...

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Leave those posts alone

We need to relax. Really! Every comment, picture, story shared on social media need not be scrutinized with microscopic precision. Of course, anything on public platform is for public consumption but should we really tear apart every little thing that comes to us? A seemingly innocuous picture shared by Amitabh Bachchan on ‘Pink’ movie celebration...

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