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Questions you may want to ask us. . .
Q - On what basis would you charge us?
A- Each project that we undertake is as much important to us as it is to you. Our charges depend on the project, its length, urgency, intricacy and complexity. Our minimum charges start from Rs. 500 (for one line slogan etc).

Q) How many days would you take to deliver?
A- Creativity has no time limit. Each project is given much thought, time and consideration. It may take us one day to one month or more, depending on the nature of the project.

Q) Is it open to discussion and change?
A- For each personal category, there is a questionnaire to be filled up by you, which will give us an idea about your requirement. And for other services there is an enquiry form where you may fill up the details of the project. Besides that, these FAQs will answer your queries to a large extent. Should you still want to discuss or want some clarifications, we welcome it. Once the project is discussed to your satisfaction and ours, we shall go ahead with it. After completion of which, only minor changes will be possible.

Q) What will be the payment mode?
A- For personal writing, full advance payment through cheque/DD/Bank Transfer or credit card has to be made. For Web Content Writing, Twitter, Facebook Page or Blog content management, 50 %advance payment is required .The balance payment will have to be made progressively against the content development and finalization, on a case to case basis.

Q) How do we place the order and then make payments?